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Bliss Again

I always wanted to stand on the meadow of the famous XP wallpaper. Thanks to Microsoft’s self-reference to their their own iconic XP wallpaper in XBox Live avatar icons I now can. I decided to let my avatar sing. P.S. Ignore the hinted mountain in the back. For me it is still Bliss.

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BVG Shadows 67/68

In my post on “Windows 68” I wrote that we hardly used any drop shadow effects for this revolutionary version of an early operating system. I guess we all regarded the drop shadow effect as an accomplishment of the digital age. It certainly is. Yet I was startled when discovering a “broken” version of a [...]

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Wallpaper Origins

Ever since I thought of Windows wallpapers as visual utopias, artificial places of outstanding beauty one only could see and put folders and program icons on—but never reach. It never came to my mind that these icons in pop culture and hyper-real images might be found in the common world. A friend of mine claimed [...]

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Page Peel for Real

Recently in my street in Berlin Kreuzberg I noticed a page peel in the corner of a poster on an advertising column. The page peel was casting a nice shadow. I was wondering if it was done by the designer of the poster to give the blockbuster “Illuminti” a more hand-made look or if the [...]

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