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Interface Art goes Lifestyle

Recently I discovered an article about Interface Art in “m — Das Magazin”. It is a young german magazine on the lifestyle aspects that come with the many new Apple gadgets. This time, the nicely done glossy also features “iPhone Killer” Michael Tampert and web design guru Jacob Nielsen. The author points out that I [...]

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Poly Carbonate with a High Gloss Sealer

In the new trailer for Toy Story 3 the toy protagonists enter a stage-like corner of a child’s room. They have been trying to create a logotype for the upcoming movie and as it seems it had to be done by simple means—their roughly shaped Toy Story 3 is made of a ball, Lego bricks, [...]

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Protest letters and fake books

Social networks are the drop shadow of our lifes. Today I left Xing. As a response the oh so professional platform gave back a very snappish response. Hidden in the CAPCHA literally was a protest letter on my abandoning (screenshot from, April 15, 2010). As it seems, social networks do not wanna be forsaken. [...]

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Device-Inspired Product Design

Besides Interface-Inspired Print Design there also is Device-Inspired Product Design as it seems. At Platoon Kunsthalle in Seoul I discovered chairs that looked as if greatly influenced by the iPhone. On the photo it seems as if a gigantic iPhone (without the built-in ear-piece) was leaning against the table. I repute this to be not [...]

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Patron Survives Google Pin Incident

Recently my patron of the arts Tobias Müller from Erlangen almost got struck by a Google Maps pin falling from the sky. Contemplating about the calm atmosphere at N 49° 35.4561 E 11° 0.3963 and up to no mischief, he decided to set a bookmark pin on the Google Maps application of his iPhone (screenshot). [...]

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Wallpaper Origins

Ever since I thought of Windows wallpapers as visual utopias, artificial places of outstanding beauty one only could see and put folders and program icons on—but never reach. It never came to my mind that these icons in pop culture and hyper-real images might be found in the common world. A friend of mine claimed [...]

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Page Peel for Real

Recently in my street in Berlin Kreuzberg I noticed a page peel in the corner of a poster on an advertising column. The page peel was casting a nice shadow. I was wondering if it was done by the designer of the poster to give the blockbuster “Illuminti” a more hand-made look or if the [...]

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