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Fakebook Pro

Thanks to my highly regarded colleague Brendan Howell, Fakebook now reached its second level. By the means of now included Rich Snippets, Fakebook now shows up even more similar to Facebook in Google’s results. These snippets are meant to offer a convenient summary information about search results at a glance. When listing Facebook results for example, Google [...]

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Protest letters and fake books

Social networks are the drop shadow of our lifes. Today I left Xing. As a response the oh so professional platform gave back a very snappish response. Hidden in the CAPCHA literally was a protest letter on my abandoning (screenshot from, April 15, 2010). As it seems, social networks do not wanna be forsaken. [...]

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3D to 2D and 2D to 1D

My friends from barcoo are not only great customers; they also have developed the best 1D barcode scanning application for mobile phones. Because barcoo aims to give transparency to consumers, we agreed on a corporate style that hardly uses any 2.0 and pseudo 3D effects like gloss or drop shadows—an approach we felt to imply [...]

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No Gloss Talks

Recently I made the web page for The Drop Shadow Talks. Because the page is quite optimized for mobile viewing, I added an iPhone icon as well. I was startled seeing a shiny gloss effect overlaying my nice minimalistic Helvetica design! Of course, the Drop Shadow Talks should not have an icon showing a gloss [...]

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Karussellblog is Turning

Yesterday Karussellblog was launched. It features articles on event design and brand communications, architecture, art and interactive installations. In my capacity as “interface artist” I mainly will write about the correlation of virtual and real space, especially graphical user interfaces and visual pop culture. To stress the three-dimensionality of the subject matter designer Dan Nommensen [...]

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