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Poly Carbonate with a High Gloss Sealer

In the new trailer for Toy Story 3 the toy protagonists enter a stage-like corner of a child’s room. They have been trying to create a logotype for the upcoming movie and as it seems it had to be done by simple means—their roughly shaped Toy Story 3 is made of a ball, Lego bricks, [...]

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New Versions

This is funny: as it seems, currently everybody who wants to run Windows 7 properly on a Mac has to buy not only Microsoft’s new operating system, but also the new update from Cupertino. When I installed 7 over the turn of the year, all hardware of my Mac was detected as generic. It was [...]

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Microsoft to Democratize Drop Shadows?

The “democratization” of cultural technologies has been a side effect of the biggest software company’s quest for power ever since. This becomes visible with the fonts Arial and Segoe UI, for example. Being screen adaptations of the Swiss typographic legends Helvetica and Frutiger Next, the transfer to the screen by Microsoft and Monotype has never [...]

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No Gloss Talks

Recently I made the web page for The Drop Shadow Talks. Because the page is quite optimized for mobile viewing, I added an iPhone icon as well. I was startled seeing a shiny gloss effect overlaying my nice minimalistic Helvetica design! Of course, the Drop Shadow Talks should not have an icon showing a gloss [...]

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Karussellblog is Turning

Yesterday Karussellblog was launched. It features articles on event design and brand communications, architecture, art and interactive installations. In my capacity as “interface artist” I mainly will write about the correlation of virtual and real space, especially graphical user interfaces and visual pop culture. To stress the three-dimensionality of the subject matter designer Dan Nommensen [...]

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