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In my last seminar devoted to the topic of future interfaces, I asked students to analyse current developments of Interface Culture and interpolate them in the the close future. iAchiever by Kay Schefferski offers a glimpse at the future where well known achievement systems of today are brought to a new level. Nowadays our gaming [...]

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Drop Shadow Talks 3.0

First of all: Sorry for not posting quite some time :) I am very glad that I was allowed to do a third round of Drop Shadow Talks in the starting semester. And this semester there will be guests I cannot wait to hear to speak in the digital shade. I hope my students will [...]

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Drop Shadows = Streamlining?

“Streamlining” was a design style which emerged during the 1930s, especially in architecture and product design. The style was applied to electric clocks, sewing machines, small radio receivers and vacuum cleaners, for example. Though manufacturing required new developments in materials, the functionality of the re-designed product was hardly changed. During the Drop Shadow Seminar at BTK [...]

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This Thursday: Drop Shadow Talk by Jay Bolter

On January 21, Jay Bolter will give the next and for now last Drop Shadow Talk of my lecture series @ Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule. As usual the talk will start at 7 pm in room J/K. Jay Bolter is author of several influential books on new media theory. For example he has co-written “Remediation” and [...]

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Drop Shadow Workshop @ Merz Aka

I knew there would be a lot to document after my Drop Shadow Workshop at Merz Akademie in Stuttgart. Again all of my students there made very nice projects. This time we collaborated on a Tumblr-Blog. I came to love Tumblr’s simplicity during the seminar. Its standard theme (which we used, slightly modified) is a [...]

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The Drop Shadow Talks!

After this Drop Shadow Blog and the Drop Shadow Revolution, I am happy to announce The Drop Shadow Talks. These talks will deal with current developments on our desktops – mainly from an artistic point of view. In the shades of evening lectures the Drop Shadow Talks will present art and projects influenced and inspired [...]

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Bachelor Projects @ BTK

Regarding the use of drop shadows, the final projects of my two bachelor students at Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule could not be more diverse. Together with programmer Benjamin Ludwig my student Andreas Sommer created “swap”, an application for the iPhone that is capable of letting its user interact with public projections, installations or games. Therefore “swap” [...]

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Windows 68

Usually after some time in any suppressing system people start to rebel against it. Thinking of Windows as a very white-bread and bourgeois operating system whose tidy, eager and suit wearing citizens live in small row houses and picnic on far reaching meadows, it is only a matter of time before a revolution breaks out. [...]

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