In my last seminar devoted to the topic of future interfaces, I asked students to analyse current developments of Interface Culture and interpolate them in the the close future.

iAchiever - Overview
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iAchiever by Kay Schefferski offers a glimpse at the future where well known achievement systems of today are brought to a new level. Nowadays our gaming progress is rewarded by achievement systems from Microsoft XBox LIVE or Sony’s trophy system. With services like foursquare we can track, share and get rewarded for places we visit. Even in our local grocery store we get reward points for buying stuff. iAchiever is the logical evolution of merging such systems and bringing them a step further. It constantly tracks our daily life, measures our accomplishments and rewards us according to its value determined by a third party (i.e. sponsors). Allowing companies to track our real and virtual movement by our mobile phones and services such a social communities, simple cookies and cloud storage we already give them the needed data to easily implement such a system.

iAchiever Icon

For the icon of iAchiever Kai chose a symbolic tree. The tree of life holding the forbidden fruit and constantly tempting us to gather it. What most people might not realize is that such systems offer a subtle way to influence us and what we do by giving it specific values. Being constantly rewarded, also gives us confidence and makes us want to achieve even more. Metaphorically speaking, those systems eventually will become our Skinner box.

One question we could not answer in our discussion after Kai’s presentation: is iAchiever an artwork or the next startup?

Download the vision of iAchiever as PDF (4 MB)

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