Drop Shadow Talks 3.0

First of all: Sorry for not posting quite some time :)

I am very glad that I was allowed to do a third round of Drop Shadow Talks in the starting semester. And this semester there will be guests I cannot wait to hear to speak in the digital shade. I hope my students will share my enthusiasm.

On October 12, Prof. Marc Hassenzahl from Folkwang University of Arts in Essen will speak about User Experience Design and reveal growing parallels between theory for film and Human Computer Interaction, since popular interfaces strife to offer not only usability but more and more compelling experiences.

From the announcement: “To design an experience is a major challenge—especially, when actually designing tangible, interactive products. The talk presents and discusses Experience Design, which aims at telling meaningful stories through tangible products, so-called material tales. This approach understands designers as authors, of meaningful, and rich experiences.”

As the frequent reader of this blog (and my website) certainly knows, I use the term “Interface Art” for my projects. I am very happy that JODI who actually were the inventors of this art form, agreed to show a performance at the Drop Shadow Talks, date: November 2 December 16!

JODI’s Screen Grab period began with the four-screen video installation My Desktop (2002), which premiered at the Plugin Media Lab in Basel. The piece appeared to depict mammoth Mac OS 9 computers running amok: opening windows cascaded across the screen, error messages squawked, and files replicated themselves endlessly (from Wikipedia). In similar manner JODI will present their latest projects Thumbing & FolkSomy.vj

On November 23, Prof. Hans Dieter Hellige will discuss upheavals in human computer interaction and will stress the re-combination and re-ordering that takes place when new interfaces become popular media. In Helliges point of view the evolution in interface design cannot be isolated from the interdependency from other media. Hellige is also the author of the great book Mensch-Computer-Interface. Zur Geschichte und Zukunft der Computerbedienung.

Again the dates:

Marc Hassenzahl on October 12:
Experience Design: Transcending a Product’s Encasing

JODI, November 2 December 16:
Thumbing & FolkSomy.vj No Shadow Kick**Mobile .xxx

Hans Dieter Hellige on November 23:
Selektive Interface-Kulturen und Medienkombinatorik contra HCI-Entwicklungslogiken

All talks will be tuesdays/thursdays at 7 pm and take place in 2.07 at the marvelous Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule near Potsdamer Platz. More info, longer announcements, the address of BTK etc. can be found on the the page of the Drop Shadow Talks. Drop by!

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