Interface-Inspired Print Design, Pt. 3

In mobile devices’ current striving for more significance (and readers) a vivid and sometimes funny exchange of visual styles takes place. For example the photorealistic references to paper are quite numerous on the interface of the quite paperless iPad, iPhone applications like Notes and icon for YouTube remediate their counterparts in older media forms almost nostalgically, while printed magazines use more and more 2.0 styles like gloss effects, gradients and drop shadows to look more up to date at the least.

Some examples I mentioned in previous posts are the German ads for Lucky Strike and a front page of Focus magazine that have been inspired by Cover Flow. Recently I also discovered two nice examples where the layout of iPhone icons inspired old media:

On a poster about the “Welcome Card” of Berlin Public Transport the icons where depicting sights of Berlin and touristic transportation in a very App-like manner;

The other analogy to the iPhone interface I discovered on a package of a Korean make-up series. On the box of “Aritaum” the Icons even were framed with a rounded dashed line, making the reference to the influential device more striking. The icons symbolized moisturizing, revitalizing of skin and biological ingredients.

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