3D to 2D and 2D to 1D

My friends from barcoo are not only great customers; they also have developed the best 1D barcode scanning application for mobile phones. Because barcoo aims to give transparency to consumers, we agreed on a corporate style that hardly uses any 2.0 and pseudo 3D effects like gloss or drop shadows—an approach we felt to imply seriousness and was inspiring confidence.

Shortly after barcoo entered Nokia’s Ovi Store, a huge banner showed the illustration of the happy barcoo lady among icons of Amazon and Facebook. Everything was in pseudo 3D, and so was the girl I had spent so much effort on and had I never drawn like this :)


Actually I was surprised to see the trend towards three dimensional depictions of icons manifest itself in such an insolent way (screenshot from summer 2009). When barcoo was released for the App Store I expected something similar to happen. Maybe Apple would delay the release because the icon was lacking a gloss effect? Or maybe they would add a gloss themselves? But nothing like this happened. Now barcoo rocks the App Store, in all its beauty and functionality.

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