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Interface-Inspired Print Design, Pt. 3

In mobile devices’ current striving for more significance (and readers) a vivid and sometimes funny exchange of visual styles takes place. For example the photorealistic references to paper are quite numerous on the interface of the quite paperless iPad, iPhone applications like Notes and icon for YouTube remediate their counterparts in older media forms almost [...]

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3D to 2D and 2D to 1D

My friends from barcoo are not only great customers; they also have developed the best 1D barcode scanning application for mobile phones. Because barcoo aims to give transparency to consumers, we agreed on a corporate style that hardly uses any 2.0 and pseudo 3D effects like gloss or drop shadows—an approach we felt to imply [...]

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This Thursday: Drop Shadow Talk by Jay Bolter

On January 21, Jay Bolter will give the next and for now last Drop Shadow Talk of my lecture series @ Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule. As usual the talk will start at 7 pm in room J/K. Jay Bolter is author of several influential books on new media theory. For example he has co-written “Remediation” and [...]

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New Versions

This is funny: as it seems, currently everybody who wants to run Windows 7 properly on a Mac has to buy not only Microsoft’s new operating system, but also the new update from Cupertino. When I installed 7 over the turn of the year, all hardware of my Mac was detected as generic. It was [...]

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