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Drop Shadow Workshop @ Merz Aka

I knew there would be a lot to document after my Drop Shadow Workshop at Merz Akademie in Stuttgart. Again all of my students there made very nice projects. This time we collaborated on a Tumblr-Blog. I came to love Tumblr’s simplicity during the seminar. Its standard theme (which we used, slightly modified) is a [...]

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Drop Shadow Decade

It is not easy to admit: this week I regard Focus to have its finger closer on the pulse of time than DER SPIEGEL. The makers of the latter one remind their readers that the years after 9/11 were “wasted” and the world has to learn from the almost-decade of brainlessness. Focus calls it a [...]

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Microsoft to Democratize Drop Shadows?

The “democratization” of cultural technologies has been a side effect of the biggest software company’s quest for power ever since. This becomes visible with the fonts Arial and Segoe UI, for example. Being screen adaptations of the Swiss typographic legends Helvetica and Frutiger Next, the transfer to the screen by Microsoft and Monotype has never [...]

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