Patron Survives Google Pin Incident

Recently my patron of the arts Tobias Müller from Erlangen almost got struck by a Google Maps pin falling from the sky.

Google Pin hit Erlangen

Contemplating about the calm atmosphere at N 49° 35.4561 E 11° 0.3963 and up to no mischief, he decided to set a bookmark pin on the Google Maps application of his iPhone (screenshot).

“I noticed the drop shadow first”, he says. “When I looked up I saw a gigantic pin some 20 meters above me.” This pin darted earthwards at breath-taking speed. With a loud noise the pin poked into the ground. Only his quick reflexes, sportsmanship and a quick jump sideways saved his life. Until now the pins remain at the site for further investigation. Yet an adequate explanation of the incident is still pending. Weather radar has not shown any anomalies, carrier T-Mobile denies any knowledge of the event “what so ever”, and Google himself cannot explain what led to such a dramatic “series of misfortunes”.

This is not the first occurrence of Google interface elements going nuts in real space. For some inexplicable reason these events have been hardly noticed by the public.

The sight of supernatural powers related to Google interface elements was first successfully documented by scientists Lialina and Espenschied in their research “Midnight” in fall 2006. Uncanny manifestations of a gigantic Google Maps marker have been sighted in Berlin in winter 2006 and in Poland in spring 2009 by media artist Aram Bartholl and again in Berlin in winter 2008 near Potsdamer Platz by my former student Thomas Göthe.

“I will try to use Bing Maps instead”, Müller states laconically. If obscure events proceed, he probably will not be the only user to do so. And if the company continues with its policy of secretiveness and if it does not reveal, how it plans to manifest (its interface elements) in real space, it soon will be a poor Google to lead the shady list of pop culture conspiracy theories. (Picture: Daniela Stier)

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  1. Posted November 10, 2009 at 10:53 am | Permalink

    Actually Tobias owns a brand-new Vario 5. But unfortunately the pins in the map application there don’t look like the real ones in Erlangen. On this picture you can see the whole sad truth :)

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