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Windows Bio

I am looking at the new package design of Windows 7 and I am contemplating. What is it supposed to tell me? It is green and in the upper left corner of the windows logo, there is a fir tree. In the upper right one, there is a shininess dazzling me. In the lower left [...]

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Pioneering Swabian Automakers, Once Again

Yesterday Lars Harmsen from Magma Brand Design gave the first of the Drop Shadow Talks. At the beginning he spoke about the visual enrichment of corporate identities. As it seems, especially the German automobile industry uses enrichment effects a lot. BMW, Audi, Opel, Volkswagen, they all updated their logotypes and corporate styles with drop shadows, [...]

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No Gloss Talks

Recently I made the web page for The Drop Shadow Talks. Because the page is quite optimized for mobile viewing, I added an iPhone icon as well. I was startled seeing a shiny gloss effect overlaying my nice minimalistic Helvetica design! Of course, the Drop Shadow Talks should not have an icon showing a gloss [...]

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The Drop Shadow Talks!

After this Drop Shadow Blog and the Drop Shadow Revolution, I am happy to announce The Drop Shadow Talks. These talks will deal with current developments on our desktops – mainly from an artistic point of view. In the shades of evening lectures the Drop Shadow Talks will present art and projects influenced and inspired [...]

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Richer Interface in Rich iTunes

The panel used in iTunes to indicate artist, title and remaining time of a currently playing song became more smooth and anti-aliased during the years. Now with version 9 especially its progress bar became visually richer. A drop shadow was added also. I always had guessed the LED- or at least pixel-like indicator was ment [...]

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