Cover Flow Ad

Gradually the graphical user interface makes its way to pop culture. The aesthetic of “Bliss” for example again and again finds its way to advertising campaigns—maybe because its originality is so universal? Apparently you live in close touch with nature when you eat Ben & Jerry ice cream. At least they placed a Windows-like scenery in the background of their list of ingredients.

Besides, the famous scenery can be used to stress the beauty of a region (as for a Tirol billboard in 2007) or even the environmental sustainability of nuclear power plants (as a German campaign in 2008).

This time it is not “Bliss” but “Cover Flow”, not a wallpaper but a method to browse visually through your digital music library. As it seems the viewer of the new Lucky Strike ad campaign is meant to flip easily through the last 20 years of the tobacco company’s great advertising.

Lucky Strike Cover Flow Ad

Yet, as usual, this campaign lacks consistency. With a bit more courage of the responsible designers (and customers, of course) the ad would not deny its origin and could have looked like this:

Cover Flow Original

Interestingly enough, drop shadows were used for the printed campaign (inward ones, around the ads to make them look more three dimensional) but not in the Apple interface. I wonder if this is the dawn of a new age in interface design?

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