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Cover Flow Ad

Gradually the graphical user interface makes its way to pop culture. The aesthetic of “Bliss” for example again and again finds its way to advertising campaigns—maybe because its originality is so universal? Apparently you live in close touch with nature when you eat Ben & Jerry ice cream. At least they placed a Windows-like scenery [...]

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Bachelor Projects @ BTK

Regarding the use of drop shadows, the final projects of my two bachelor students at Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule could not be more diverse. Together with programmer Benjamin Ludwig my student Andreas Sommer created “swap”, an application for the iPhone that is capable of letting its user interact with public projections, installations or games. Therefore “swap” [...]

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Wallpaper Origins

Ever since I thought of Windows wallpapers as visual utopias, artificial places of outstanding beauty one only could see and put folders and program icons on—but never reach. It never came to my mind that these icons in pop culture and hyper-real images might be found in the common world. A friend of mine claimed [...]

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Windows 68

Usually after some time in any suppressing system people start to rebel against it. Thinking of Windows as a very white-bread and bourgeois operating system whose tidy, eager and suit wearing citizens live in small row houses and picnic on far reaching meadows, it is only a matter of time before a revolution breaks out. [...]

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